Thank you for your support! We've successfully helped 20 families to live through the pandemic for a full month. It means a lot to me. You guys are awesome! ❤️

Shoot an email to hi{at}reangdeba{dot}xyz if you have other ideas or if you just want to say something.


Target: Buy ration for a month for 20 families.



Total raised




People Impacted

Karuna Go 2020 Dry Ration Pack

For just ₹500, the Karuna Go 2020 Dry Ration Pack can sustain a family of about 4 people for a month. Do your part — contribute generously. Sponsor a kit

10 kg Rice

300 g Dried Fish

1 kg Salt

2 Soap bars

2 kg Potatoes

1 kg Onions


by @reangdeba